The Tri-Service Workflow Team is always looking to connect with MHS providers and support staff, who are in the trenches doing the work and using the tools that we provide and train.  Our workflows were built from the ground up using SME’s from each service and we continue to learn from the field to make our tools and training better.

Starting this month, we are excited to announce that the TSWF Team will be holding a regular Q&A session on our TSWF-MHS.COM website. These sessions will be a great opportunity to walk through questions that may be best shown visually, rather than in an email response.  Anyone can submit questions ahead of time using the form below.  Answers to these questions will be presented live during these Q&A sessions and we will post the answers to the submitted questions for those that are unable to make the session. Our hope is that these sessions provide an opportunity to get direct answers from the TSWF Team and offer clarity for those on the ground.

Upcoming Events

  1. June Virtual Training

    June 12 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT