We are happy to announce that the May-Aug 2018 TSWF AIM forms have now been released to the Enterprise! As always, updated training materials and change logs are available on the individual AIM  form pages.

With your input, we have made a number of changes (31 in fact!) to the CORE and CORE-compatible forms. Specifically, the Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Clinical Pharmacy, Procedures, Geriatrics and MilPHA have all been formatted to be the same as the Core form. Other highlights include:

  • Peds and Peds Nursing forms have been officially approved to be the included in the CORE-compatible list!
  • Brand NEW DVBIC approved mTBI screener has been added to all Primary Care forms. This form provides updated instructions and if needed, guides staff to use the new mTBI form that was released at the beginning of the year.
  • Updated all Zika form elements with new design and updated guidance

To see the 105 changes made across our 25 AIM forms, please view the AIM Form Change Log Page.

Our goal is to give you what you need, when you need it. Thank you for partnering with us by continually communicating from the field as we press forward. We want to hear from you – please contact us with comments or questions.