TSWF Q&A Sessions

With so many uses of the TSWF AIM Forms, we realize that there are many end-users that have questions. During these monthly Q&A sessions, one of our TSWF Trainers will be able to answer your questions. These presentations are done live on Adobe Connect, but all questions must be submitted in advance.

Check out the calendar on the right for upcoming virtual trainings and Q&A sessions. To submit a question, please use the form below. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN ADVANCE! Join us as we answer your TSWF AIM form questions.

Link: https://dha-sdd-chcs.adobeconnect.com/amandancollins2ctr

Audio line: (605) 472-5228
access code: 934039

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The next Q&A Session will be:
November 7th at 1000EST

Upcoming Events

  1. TSWF-CPG based workflows and their CCP’s

    February 13 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

TSWF Q&A’s November 7, 2018

Submitter: Ben Kurth
Site: Camp Lejeune

Question: If you could please automatically check the red x above a text box when you start typing in the section, otherwise, when you go back to click it, it will delete the text. also, if you could make it less cumbersome to copy forward notes…that would be great.

First of all, you really don’t need to check the boxes. The red X indicates whatever you typed is saved in the note when you leave that text space to another. It indicates there is content there and that it is saved. Unfortunately, that is the way AHLTA is set up. People have inadvertently clicked the red X and that is where you can “undo” your mistake by using the UNDO button above to retrieve your lost content.

Submitter: Alaina Sheffield
Site: Fort Bliss, TX

Question: What will this training cover? Will it go over physical therapy type training?

This training goes over questions that come in from the field through our website. This training will not go over physical therapy because we do not have a form for physical therapy.

Submitter: Amanda Carnes
Site: unknown

Question: Can the text fields in AHLTA function more like a word document? For example, not having to use ctrl+enter to go to the next line, being able to use ctrl+z to undo text (or if you accidentally delete text to be able to add it back in without retyping your whole note), etc.

The only way the text field may operate with a return key is to use the Typewriter option where you double click LEFT on the mouse inside of a text box and the Typewriter appears. There to carriage return is the usual enter or return key. If you are typing within the text field without the type writer option, the carriage return is only by CTRL Enter. This unfortunately is AHLTA limitations.

Submitter: Maria Regina Wicks
Site: Fort Bragg

Question: In the TSWF box current medications: when my patient with 20 meds runs out of room for their list, do we start abbreviating to compress the list shorter, or do we leave out the testing strips and other prescribable but not ingested, topically applied, etc medications.

The extent of polypharmacy has not been discussed as the best means. You can surely abbreviate perhaps using another text field to extend you content in the copy forward field can also be an option. We could put a request for the developer to have an extended or additional box for medications
-This person can say ‘please see add note for complete note of active medication’, add the additional meds into the add note section

Submitter: Joseph FitzHarris
Site: Fort Bragg

Question: It seems like 90% of the time that I’d like to open encounters to the TSWF Core page after my nurse has taken vitals, etc. But AHLTA doesn’t open to that page, and I end up waiting to navigate there. Could you make it so I could set a default page to open when I follow my nurse? Also, for Procedures, could you have the Favorite Procedures open right away, instead of my having to click on it to open?

If you make one of our forms a default (not saved with ‘Department of Defense’ after the form name) it will not receive updates.

Submitter: James McDonald
Site: USNH Yokosuka

Question: Will a Long Term Opioid Therapy Safety (LOTS) TSWF sheet be added or has that idea gone away with the spread of MHS Genesis? We do LOTS audits quarterly and such a sheet would make it easy for providers prescribing long term opioid therapy to have a single point of reference for their quarterly patient follow up.

Need to refer to Mark Kline and Scot Ario. Will touch base with them and email you back.
Work around- Go to CarePoint

Submitter: Julie Matthews
Site: Fort Hood

Question: Can you add “kinesthetic” or “hands on” to the preferred method of learning options?
Can you add verbiage “service member aware how to obtain advanced directives” or “information provided to service member” beside the question Do you have advanced directives for when they answer “No”?

Where would you want this?
Please make this as a request (on our website) and a COA will be made for review of the change Once accepted by the CMSWG the changes will be placed on Enterprise

Submitter: Mark Wirtz
Site: FBCH

Question: Updating Procedure Forms:
– Any thoughts to updating the common procedures as part of the TSWF Procedures
– Replacing betadine with chlorhexidine
– Adding recommended procedure and medication codes to the procedure note for reference

Yes, please make this as a request (on our website) and a COA will be made for review of the change Once accepted by the CMSWG the changes will be placed on Enterprise

Submitter: Collin Urbanowicz
Site: Luke AFB

Question: Sir/ma’am, we (PCMs) could really use a dental section incorporated into the TSFW template, was this ever considered?

No unfortunately we cannot do this.

Submitter: Rachel Rhodes
Site: Kunsan AB

Question: The 4NO and nursing peer reviews include documenting patient identifiers. Could we please have a check box on the core form that states we did that? Also, when using the special flags could we have more options to choose from. I feel it is important to flag asplenic patients, MRSA/VRE, Sickle Cell…etc. Typing under BH does not communicate well.

Yes, please make this as a request (go to our website). Please give us where you would want this. A COA will be made for review of the change. Once accepted by the CMSWG the changes will be placed on Enterprise.

Submitter: Oluwaseye Alabi
Site: Camp Lejuene

Question: can we have templates that address patients’ complaints about different body parts, and also templates specific to known routine procedures?

There is anatomical parts built into AHLTA Refer to Scott Phillips and we will email the submitter.
The procedures form is broken down into sections

Submitter: Alice Anaya
Site: Ft Bliss

Question: Why are we no longer able to sort medications alphabetically in the A/P section? This is very helpful when you are looking for any medications that are duplicated.

We only work in the S/O portion of AHLTA. Please refer to your CST trainer for this question.

Submitter: Don Buck
Site: Charleston

Question: Why does it take so long to open up TWSF-Core? It wastes too much time every day. At my previous duty station, we simply made a Word document of each encounter, then scanned it into Add Notes– circumventing the TWSF bottleneck. Heaven forbid you go finish the
S/O section, go to the A/P section, and need to return to the S/O section…more wasted time.

NEED TO CONTACT CSTs regarding latency issues but also if there are quite a few favorites loaded in the Favorites box it will also preclude rapid loading

Submitter: Brandi Williams
Site: Little Rock

Question: Why is the save button next to the delete button in AHLTA?
And why is there no prompt to ask if you are sure you want to delete? There is a prompt that asks if you are sure you want to exit…
Where is this button?

Unfortunately this is an AHLTA function that we cannot change.

Submitter: Charles Graves
Site: South Korea

Question: Can you add “and agrees with treatment plan” to the Discussed items in the Disposition? I am being told by my overlords that “Patient indicated understanding” is not sufficient for please-don’t-sue-me purposes.

This is not in the S/O portion of AHLTA, therefore we have no control over changing this item. It is out of our realm.

Submitter: Julie Hartsock
Site: Fort Bragg

Question: With the new BH questions and PTSD screen, does every patient require the PTSD screen and if so how often ? In a child’s tswf documentation who does the 7 learning words if patient is unable to read due to age??

Research this a little more


Question: If you had a pt. that was inpatient and was discharged on the date that one started a case management case on that same date, when I go under previous encounters to copy forward some of my initial charting, it states no counters found and basically, I will have to reenter all that information. Any solution to avoid this so that that step does not have to be taken???

Submitter needs to reach out to local CST
Nicole will reach out to submitter to ask about inpatient portion, could potential be essentris issue.


Question: If a patient is just nec nos charting, can you just go to add a note and do AP without going through all of the questionnaire under SO? Also, under screening, if the pt. is not a CM case, it ask for the reason. It is also located under contact information, can one of these be eliminated?

Nicole will look into the second portion of this question

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