To keep in step with the evolution of military healthcare, we are constantly upgrading our avenues of training. Elements range from self-guided, online videos and helper tools to Efficiency Visits, where we hear your concerns and come alongside to help maximize clinical efficiency. Whether you’re new to the clinic or you’ve been around for years, we’ve got something for you!
Boots on Ground Training
A TSWF team meets with your clinical staff onsite to provide requested training specific to your MTF’s needs, through classroom and small group/one-to-one training sessions.
Remote Training
Adobe Connect makes it convenient to coordinate trainings that cannot physically take place in your clinic. Find more here!
Efficiency Visit
A series of three visits tailored to your MTF’s specific needs, with the goal of helping your clinic to operate as efficiently as possible. Learn more / schedule an Efficiency Visit here.

Not sure how TSWF can help?

In order for us to help you as much as possible, please fill out this short form and provide us with information specific to your clinic. A TSWF Site Visit Coordinator (SVC) will contact you within 48 hours to assist you.

Support Page
Please visit our support page for additional tools and help with all things TSWF.

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