Become a TSWF Content Consultant

Become Part of the Solution!

What is a TCC?

The process of developing and sustaining a TSWF AIM form relies on the experience of practicing clinicians, nurses, and technicians. In the simplest terms, we need input from the field to meet the needs of the field. For this reason, we are actively recruiting TSWF Content Consultants (TCCs) to assist us with:


  • Improving our AIM Forms
  • Contributing input on new workflows
  • Testing new products
  • Providing user feedback

Who Can Be a TCC?

If you provide patient care in an MTF and would like to lend some of your time, then you are who we are looking for!  You do not have to be considered an ‘expert’ in your field to be a TSWF Content Consultant. It is your work expertise we need. If you have recommendations regarding form development, workflow, or general feedback, we greatly value your input!


  • Providers
  • Nurses
  • Technicians / Corpsmen 

What Can I Expect as a TCC?

We value your time! Your level of involvement is based on your workload and availability. We’ll work with you on an individual basis to ensure your schedule is accommodated.


  • Voluntary tasks: 2 hours/month for email, research, etc.
  • TelCons: 2-3 hours/month
  • Conclaves: 3-day conclave in-person or virtual conclave
  • Product testing in conjunction with regular pt. care hours

Tri-Service Workflow is dedicated to serving those who serve. Our innovations bring the team care we exemplify to help you in your patient care.