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  • Adding Forms to Favorites
  • Copy Forward
  • Creating Order Sets in AHLTA

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Adding the TSWF Navigator AIM Form to Favorites

  1. Open Tools, click on Template Management (Details)
  2. Select Expanded Search and type “TSWF” (Details)
  3. Change owner type to Enterprise and search (Details)
  4. Under the Search Results file tab, right click on form and click on the Add Favorite option (Details)
  5. Select the form you’ll be using (Details)

TSWF AIM Form Copy Forward Instructions

  1. Open a new Current Encounter (Details)
  2. Select Previous Encounters (Details)
  3. Choose Previous Encounter (Details)
  4. Check the “Include Cancelled and LWOBS box” (Details)
  5. Click Copy Forward (Details)
  6. Select S/O Tab (Details)
  7. Ensure the Copy Forward template is loaded (Details)
  8. Select PMH and then Auto Enter (Details)
  9. Select the desired TSWF form (Details)
  10. Go to Obsolete Terms and click the button to uncheck all items (Details)
Support Page
Please visit our support page for additional tools and help with all things TSWF.

  • Trainers’ Corner
  • Clinical Team Resources
  • Form Change Request
  • Printable Documents

Creating an Order Set in AHLTA Template Management

Quick step-by-step:

  1. Select “Tools” from the folder list. Several items will drop down. (Details)
  2. Select “Template Management,” then “New.” (Details)
  3. Select “A/P.” (Details)
  4. Select options for your order set. (Details)
  5. To order a lab, search for the lab you want and click “Add.” (Details)
  6. Repeat the same steps for “Rad” and/or “Med” orders. (Details)
  7. Once you complete your selections: (Details)
  • Click “Save As”
  • Name your order set
  • Click “Save”
  • As you select your orders, they will populate into a list.
  1. Your saved order set is now in the drop-down menu of the A/P module. (Details)
  2. Select all or individual orders, then click “Submit.” (Details)
  3. Review training materials for instructions on how to create order sets from within the A/P

List Management in AHLTA

Quick step-by-step:

  1. From List Management, click on My Diagnosis or My Procedures and click on “Add.” (Details)
  2. Enter the code or diagnosis name in the Medcin Search box and click “Search”. (Details)
  3. Double-click your selection or click “OK” to save it into your list. (Details)
  4. Prioritize your lists of diagnoses and procedures in List Management: (Details)
  • Click on the diagnosis or procedure to highlight
  • Click “Move Up” or “Move Down” until your code is in the desired location (Details)
  1. Click on “Favorites” in the A/P module to find your saved list. (Details)

AHLTA Vitals Module training to support TSWF Nursing

AIM Form Basics

AIM Form Basics

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