Effective 14 July 2020, the TSWF Team will no longer proactively maintain the TSWF AHLTA AIM Forms and the associated training materials on this site.  Therefore, going forward, all materials on this site should be used for historical reference only.

All TSWF AHLTA AIM forms and training materials are current as of COB 13 July 2020. Requests to update existing TSWF AHLTA forms should submitted via the Global Service Center. No new TSWF AIM Form requests will be approved at this time.

Clinical Systems Resources
Materials listed below provide broad but limited training on the systems used in the clinic.
Although these trainings can help jump-start your learning and are also a good refresher, we recommend contacting your local AHLTA trainer for questions and more in-depth instruction.

Basic AHLTA & CHCS Training is an introductory look at the nuts and bolts of using the system. Necessary points of documentation and interface are covered.

Video Segments:

  1. AHLTA Interface Basics (15:14)
  2. Data Viewing (13:28)
  3. Data Entry (22:01)
  4. Orders Management (30:14)

Documenting Medication Reconciliation

This slide deck is a quick walk-through that highlights some FAQs about med rec and how to update the AHLTA med module.


HAIMS (Health Artifact and Image Management Solution) provides the opportunity for enterprise-wide sharing of artifacts and images such as radiographs, EKGs, audio/video files and scanned documents.
The following link will open an external You Tube video:


MiCare/Relay Health (Secure Messaging) is a web-based, DoD- sponsored site which allows patients to contact their MHS clinic, access their Electronic Health Record (EHR), and maintain their Personal Health Record (PHR) to store healthcare information for easy access via a secure connection.

The tenth revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) was released in October 2015.

The following presentations were produced for the Air Force Medical Service and they reference Air Force or AFMOA. However, content related to ICD-10 and AHLTA applies throughout the Military Health System.

Questions about diagnosis or other coding should be directed to your facility’s or service’s coding support personnel.

If you are unable to find your specialty here, select a similar specialty and contact your coding support personnel with specific questions.

General ICD-10 Videos:

AHLTA & ICD-10 (19:25)

ICD-10 & Documentation (03:34)



Specialty Videos:


Cardiology Part 1 (15:12)
Cardiology Part 2 (06:13)

Medicine Specialties

Med Specialties Part 1 (18:18)
Med Specialties Part 2 (13:59)

Physical/Occupational Therapy

PT/OT/Chiro Part 1 (08:38)
PT/OT/Chiro Part 2 (08:04)

Family Medicine

Family Med Part 1 (18:09)
Family Med Part 2 (14:35)

Mental Health

Mental Health (16:06)

Support Staff

Support Staff (10:01)

Flight Medicine

Flight Med Part 1 (13:31)
Flight Med Part 2 (11:02)

Optometry & Ophthalmology

Optom/Ophth (14:19)


Surgeons Part 1 (14:31)
Surgeons Part 2 (08:47)


Gastroenterology Part 1 (11:55)
Gastroenterology Part 2 (07:34)


Orthopedics Part 1 (15:59)
Orthopedics Part 2 (09:06)

Women’s Health

Women’s Health Part 1 (15:47)
Women’s Health Part 2 (10:35)

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Part 1 (18:21)
Internal Medicine Part 2 (07:41)


Pediatrics Part 1 (16:00)
Pediatrics Part 2 (11:41)

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