Effective 14 July 2020, the TSWF Team will no longer proactively maintain the TSWF AHLTA AIM Forms and the associated training materials on this site.  Therefore, going forward, all materials on this site should be used for historical reference only.

All TSWF AHLTA AIM forms and training materials are current as of COB 13 July 2020. Requests to update existing TSWF AHLTA forms should submitted via the Global Service Center. No new TSWF AIM Form requests will be approved at this time.

What does AIM mean?
AIM stands for Alternate Input Method. An AIM form overlays on top of AHLTA hiding the medcin trees and allowing clinicians an easier way to document their S/O note.
What do I do if the AHLTA system goes down?
We recommend downloading and printing the form overprints as a safeguard.
They can be used for documentation and later transcribed into AHLTA, allowing users to maintain standardization and keep the same workflow.
Which forms should be saved in my Favorites folder?
We recommend having the Navigator and any forms you use on a regular basis in your
Favorites folder.  For detailed instructions on adding forms, click here.

Want to change a form?

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