The Sports Medicine form standardizes care and simplifies documentation for a wide range of sports medicine visits by giving both support staff and providers in PCMH clinics the tools they need at the point of care.

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the TSWF Sports Medicine form. This form was created to standardize and optimize sports medicine encounters in PCMH clinics. The form is broken down into joint-specific areas including Cervical Spine, Shoulder/Upper Arm, Elbow-to-Finger, Lumbosacral Spine, Hip/Upper Leg, Knee, Ankle/Lower Leg, and Foot. Joint-specific physical exams and individualized sports-related ROS, plans, and procedures are available for each of these body areas. Educational material is also provided, offering helpful therapeutic and diagnostic information. Included as well is a link to the American College of Sports Medicine Pre-Participation Physical Exam.

The form utilizes VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines and aims to streamline your assessment and documentation for common sports-related injuries. Ultimately, the Sports Medicine form standardizes and simplifies workflow while providing easy access to clinical decision-making resources