The Sports Medicine form standardizes care and simplifies documentation for a wide range of sports medicine visits by giving both support staff and providers in PCMH clinics the tools they need at the point of care.

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Sports Medicine Recent Changes
  • 2 changes for May-Aug 2019 update
  • Added Ottawa Ankle and Foot Rules.

Each tab’s ‘Sports-Related Plan’ ribbon except for Cervical Spine and Lumbosacral Spine

  • Added A/P Helper links (Scott please review the powerpoint. Dr. Rumbaugh and Lorelei are the POC’s)
  • Initial release
The SM AIM form has been developed with input from tri-service MHS sports medicine trainers for which we are very grateful. It has been designed primarily for use in primary care. We hope it will also be useful for providers in other MHS clinics who deal with musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries.
Form Lead
Sports Medicine Form Lead
Donald W. Rumbaugh, MD, CAPM

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