The Sports Medicine form standardizes care and simplifies documentation for a wide range of sports medicine visits by giving both support staff and providers in PCMH clinics the tools they need at the point of care.


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TSWF Virtual Training on SM AIM form June 12, 2019

Sports Medicine Recent Changes

29 changes for May-Aug 2020 update

Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot’ tab


  • Removed of ‘Foot’ tab and combined it with ‘Ankle/Lower Leg’ tab. New tab is called ‘Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot’ tab
  • Removed ‘Ankle’ from Provoking/Alleviating field
  • Added ‘Shoe Inserts’ to Previous Treatments field
  • Added ‘Radicular Symptoms’ to ROS
  • Updated the ‘Ankle-Specific Physical Exam’ ribbon to now say ‘Ankle/Foot-Specific Physical Exam’
  • Add ‘Sports Related Plan- Foot’ and ‘Foot Exam Educational Material’ ribbons to the new tab.
  • Add “Achilles complex” to the Ankle Specific PE under Tenderness to Palpation-Ankle
  • Replaced ‘Foot Deformity’ with ‘Foot/Toe Deformity’ and removed ‘Toes, Erythema, Ecchymosis, Warmth and Edema/Effusion’ as these are primarily used in podiatry and not in sports medicine to the Ankle/Foot Physical Exam ribbon
  • Replaced ‘Heel Squeeze’ and ‘Heel Tap’ with ‘Calcaneus’. Replaced ‘Plantar” with ‘Plantar fascia’. Remove ‘Medial midfoot’ and ‘Lateral midfoot’ and just put ‘Midfoot’ and remove ‘Calcaneal tuberosity’ on the Tenderness to Palpation section on the Ankle/Foot Specific Physical Exam ribbon
  • Removed ‘Feet’ and added ‘Toes’ and also added ‘If yes, specify which’ under Range of Motion on the Ankle/Foot Specific Physical Exam ribbon
  • Remove Motor Strength, Tests, Sensation and Gait fields entirely from the now removed Foot specific Physical Exam ribbon

Hip, Kneee, Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot Tabs

  • Add ‘Pes cavus’ and ‘Pes planus’ to all LE exams on Inspection section of the Physical Exam ribbons

Shoulder; Elbow to Finger; Hip; and Knee Tabs

  • Added ‘Skin Changes’ Yes and No check box in ‘Inspection’ section on Physical Exam ribbons

Lumbosacral Spine Tab

  • Added ‘Atrophy’ Yes and No check box in ‘Inspection’ section

to Upper Arm; Upper Leg, and Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot.

  • Added ‘Atrophy’ and ‘Skin Changes’ Yes and No check boxes in ‘Inspection’ section

to Cervical Spine, Shoulder/Upper arm, elbow to finger, Lumbosacral Spine, Hip/Upper leg, Knee, Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot tabs

  • Added ‘Radicular Symptoms’ in the ROS ribbon of each tab.

Shoulder/Upper Arm Tab

  • Added ‘Neck’ with Abnormal/Normal options in Range of Motion area on the Shoulder Specific PE ribbon
  • Add ‘Spurling’ with Positive/Negative options in Maneuver/Test area on the Shoulder Specific PE ribbon
  • Added ‘Left handed’ and ‘Right handed’ as Inspection items for Shoulder PE.

Elbow to Finger tab

  • Updated ‘Handedness’ to now say ‘Left handed’ and ‘Right handed’ on Elbow to Finger-Specific Physical Exam Ribbon
  • Add ‘Radial Head’ as a Palpation item to the Elbow to Finger-Specific PE ribbon
  • Updated ‘Scaphoid tubercle’ to now say ‘Scaphoid’ and updated ‘Metacarpal Shafts’ to just say ‘Metacarpals under Tenderness to Palpation- Wrist/Hand section on Elbow to Finger- Specific PE ribbon
  • Removed the bolded ‘Wrist’ and “Hand’ labels and moved ‘Anatomic Snuffbox’ to go in between ‘Scaphoid’ and ‘Ulnar Collateral Ligament’ so that they will be in anatomical order, from proximal to distal on the Tenderness to Palpation- Wrist/Hand area in the Elbow to Finger-Specific PE ribbon
  • Changed ‘Finkelstein’s’ to ‘Finkelstein’s/Eichoff’ and added ‘Flick Sign’ to the Tests area on theElbow to Finger- Specific PE ribbon
  • Added ‘(Flexors and Extensors)’ in small text to the larger bold text heading of ‘Strength/ROM – Fingers’

Lumbosacral SpineTab, Knee Tab, Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot Tab

  • Added ‘Leg Length Discrepancy’ Y/N to Tests (along w/ prepositioned text) on the following tabs: Lumbosacral Spine (removed “Leg Length to hip” under Inspection), Knee Tab, Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot Tab

Hip/Upper Leg Tab

  • Updated the ‘Range of Motion’ heading to now say ‘ROM (Passive & Resisted)’ on the Hip-Specific Physical Exam Ribbon

Knee Tab

  • Removed ‘Misalignment’ from the Inspection section on the Knee-Specific Physical exam ribbon
  • Updated ‘Meniscal Integrity Apprehension’ to now say ‘Meniscal Signs’ and added ‘Patellar Compression’ to Tests on the Knee-Specific Physical Exam ribbon
  • Initial release
The SM AIM form has been developed with input from tri-service MHS sports medicine trainers for which we are very grateful. It has been designed primarily for use in primary care. We hope it will also be useful for providers in other MHS clinics who deal with musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries.
Form Lead
Sports Medicine Form Lead
Donald W. Rumbaugh, MD, CAPM

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