The TSWF Separation Health Physical Exam (SHPE) AIM form is intended to facilitate the capture of Separation Health Exams, as well as to help document when PCMs review these exams when performed by the VA.

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SHPE Recent Changes
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  • No changes for this update
  • Created in 2014
  • Facilitates need for a full history and physical after active duty
  • Released for use by all Services

This form was created in 2014 for the documentation of service members’ mandated history and physical exam upon separation from active duty.  It was piloted at USAF bases and then released across the MHS.  SHPE can be used for exams performed by the DOD and/or exams reviewed by the DOD (e.g. performed by the VA).  SHPE is not CORE-compatible.

Form Lead

Donald W. Rumbaugh, M.D., DABFP

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