The pediatric suite of TSWF AIM forms are intended to guide pediatricians and primary care providers in the management of their pediatric patients. The forms follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Bright Futures standards. They are divided into two types: the Well-Child forms and the Peds General form. Well-child forms are labeled and separated by ages 0-23 months, 2-6 years, and 7-18 years. These forms possess the age-specific requirements needed to safely document and manage each age group. The Peds General form is intended for pediatric patients who are being seen for acute medical conditions.

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Pediatrics Recent Changes

  • 6 changes for Jan-Apr 2018 update
  • r1 change- Jan 2018: Anticipatory Guidance clinical cues updated
    -0-23 mo form: 9, 12, and 15 mo safety cue; multiple 18 month cues
    -2-6 yr form: 2 yr toilet training and safety cues
  • Added REALM SF details and words to the forms (listed individually)
  • Placed the REALM SF scoring box to the left of the text box with instruction:  “The score is based on the number of words correctly read aloud.”
  • Added SILS
  • Deleted the Allergies field and added blue cue text explaining the change
  • Renamed the “Sexual Assault Toolkit” ribbon as “Sexual Assault Resources”


      • In use since 2012
      • Collaborative effort by each Service
      • Forms follow AAP Bright Futures standards

The Pediatric TSWF AIM forms have been in use since 2012. The forms were immediately embraced by the pediatric community and used successfully throughout the MHS en masse. With this popularity came the realization that the original content of the form needed revision. Near the end of 2013, a team of pediatricians from each Service met and worked to update and improve the forms to where they stand today. At that meeting, it was unanimously decided that the forms would follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Bright Futures standards. In total, over 160 redundant, erroneous, and non-past medical history terms were removed. This resulted in a more standardized form that allows for the note view to have a much-improved readability. In addition, restructuring of the form’s layout has aided in improving the clinical workflow.

Form Lead

TSWF-Pediatrics Form Lead
Mark Kline PA-C MSHS

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