The TSWF Mild Traumatic Brain Injury AIM form was designed to aid PCMH clinic staff in documenting care of adult TBI patients during initial and follow-up encounters.

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mTBI Recent Changes

  • 2 changes for Jan-Apr 2019 update
  • Updated the MACE to MACE2
  • Removed individual MACE pages


  • DVBIC and Quad-Services input
  • Standardized evaluations
  • Items to improve coding accuracy

Development of the TSWF mTBI form began in 2014, in partnership with Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center and Quad-Services. It provides a simple and standardized means of treating and documenting care of patients dealing with traumatic brain injury. The mTBI form offers users clinical guidance at the point of care as well as standardized evaluations and items to improve coding accuracy.

Form Lead

TSWF mTBI Form Lead Donald W. Rumbaugh, M.D., DABFP

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