The TSWF MHS Pop Health Portal AIM form is intended for input of metric-related (e.g. HEDIS) clinical data that is not already captured in the routine MTF data systems (lab,radiology, etc.). In most cases, the form is not used by providers, but by designated support staff, usually those responsible for population health actions.

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MHSPHP Recent Changes

See Visual Change Log (below) for Core-Compatible form changes that apply to this form.

  • No specific changes this update
  • Created by TSWF and DHA Information Delivery Division
  • Solve the problem of missing HEDIS-related tests or results
  • Form elements added from user feedback
The MHSPHP AIM form was created by a joint effort between the TSWF team and the DHA Information Delivery Division who manages the MHS Population Health Portal and associated metrics. It was created to solve the problem of enrolled patients having a HEDlS-related service completed, without the MHS having a record of the test or result. This was occurring because the test/result was completed outside the MTF and not billed to Tricare. Elements on the MHSPHP AIM form have been added as a result of user feedback, so please share your input.
Form Lead
Dr. James Neville, MD, MPH, FACPM

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