The TSWF IBHC AIM form is to be used by Integrated Behavioral Health Consultants (IBHC) who see patients for brief and focused treatment in the Primary Care setting.

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IBHC Recent Changes

  • 2 changes for Jan-Apr 2018 update
  • Added ASRS Screener
  • Changed “Appetite” ROS term to “Change in Appetite”


  • Aids in appropriate referrals
  • Provides guidance for treating behavioral health issues
  • Stresses integration of Consultant within the PCMH team

The IBHC form was developed to aid the Consultant in identifying and appropriately documenting behavioral health issues. The form assists the provider in triage and management of PCMH patients with behavioral health problems. Guidance is included to ensure appropriate and timely referrals where indicated.

Form Lead

Samuel P. Eng. M.D., M.S., FAAFP

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