Single Item PTSD Screener-B (SIPS-B)

Starting 11 September 2018 the Single Item PTSD Screener-B (SIPS-B) will be the standardized screening of adults for PTSD in all MHS primary care clinics.  SIPS-B will replace the current PTSD screening tests: GAD-2 and the 4-item PC-PTSD screener currently used in Army facilities for active duty soldiers.


“Think about the biggest threat to life you’ve EVER witnessed or experienced first-hand.  In the PAST MONTH, how much have you been bothered by disturbing memories, feeling distant from others, or avoiding certain activities as a result of this experience?”

            0          1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

Not Bothered at all                                                                                        Extremely Bothered

  • TSWF AIM form documentation will include the date of screening and the patient’s self-reported score.
  • Training burden for using SIPS-B is minimal. Training materials for primary care clinical staff will be available at no later than 1 AUG 2018.