Cardiovascular S/O Template

The tools below are provided to assist you in documentation and decision-making for patients with cardiovascular conditions. Edit the standard template to fit the needs of your current encounter.
Items on the right include CPGs, reference materials, and patient handouts. Once your note is complete, click “select all” and copy/paste the text into the EHR.


Atrial Fibrillation
Initial Clinical Evaluation

Pharm Management – Newly Discovered

Pharm Management – Recurrent/Permanent

Pharm Management – Paroxysmal

Antiarrhythmic Drug Therapy

Stroke and Bleeding Risk Scores

Antithrombotic Therapy


Dyslipidemia Screening

Management of Dyslipidemia

Blood Cholesterol Guide

Heart Failure

Initial Assessment

Heart Failure Classification

Blood Pressure / Hypertension

Blood Pressure Management

CV Management of Stable IHD

Hypertension Management

Ischemic Heart Disease

Stable IHD Management

CV Management of Stable IHD

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