The TSWF Pulmonary AIM form is intended to help the PCMH team deal with asthma and COPD in accordance with VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines.

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Pulmonary Recent Changes

  • 9 changes for Sep-Dec 2017 update
  • Sep-Dec r2 (updated October 2017): Verbiage change for HPV recommendations as listed:
  • Sep-Dec r2 (updated October 2017): Minor word changes to the PHQ-9 to perfectly mirror the Pfizer Inc. version
  • Added the term FIT-DNA to the Preventive Services Recommendation for colorectal cancer screening
  • Added a link next to the diabetes CCP for a diabetic foot exam. (The tool is hosted on the website)
  • Changed order of screenings on BH/Other tab. PCL-5 now follows GAD-2
  • Added 2 contraceptive counseling links above the “Presently Using Birth Control” section
    Details: CDC Reproductive Health:
    Mobile app & eBook: eBook Reader App Recommendations for Contraceptive Use and downloaded ebook:
  • Changed “annual” to “biennial” before “Retinal Eye exam done”
  • PE Tab: Moved “Accommodation” to the right of the solid line with other exam items not routinely performed
  • Moved ”Spleen” and “Abdominal Hernia” to the right of the solid line with other exam items not routinely performed


  • Interprets aspects of the VA/DoD asthma and COPD CPGs
  • Standardizes care for pulmonary conditions
  • Helps with compliance to VA/DoD guidelines

The Pulmonary CPG AIM form was created to help interpret aspects of the VA/DoD asthma and COPD CPGs. The AIM form is a way to standardize and optimize the approach to care for these pulmonary conditions, and a way to help improve continuity of care and healthcare outcomes.
As a TSWF CPG AIM form, its development and usage helps with compliance to VA/DoD guidelines, as we have integrated recommendations from these CPGs into the form. The form provides easy access to reference materials for clinical decision-making, links to references for patient education materials, and standardizes our documentation.

Form Lead

TSWF-Pulmonary Form Lead
Donald W. Rumbaugh, M.D., DABFP

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