The TSWF Nursing Services AIM form is intended to be used by nurses and clinical support staff in adult PCMH clinics. The form is not designed for use in pediatric and non-PCMH immunization clinics.

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Training Material for All Users

AHLTA Vitals Module training to support TSWF Nursing

Nursing Services Recent Changes
  • 11 changes for Jan-Apr 2020 update

To top of Meds 1, Meds 2, Procedures 1 and Procedures 2 tabs

  • Updated clinical clue wording ‘Remember to add yourself as a paraprofessional or nurse in the A/P module. Document medications and procedures in the A/P section!”

Procedures 1 Tab

  • Removed ‘Throat Culture’ section from ‘Respiratory’ ribbon
  • Removed ‘AF Throat Culture SSP’ section from ‘Respiratory’ ribbon
  • Removed ‘Centor Scoring Criteria’ section from ‘Respiratory’ Ribbon
  • Removed ICD’s, CPT and E&M clincial clues from ‘Respiratory’ ribbon
  • Added link to ‘DHA CSSP Sore Throat’ AIM form.

Procedures 2 Tab

  • Removed ‘Urinary Tract Infection/Dysuria’ ribbon.
  • Removed ‘Pregnancy Test’ ribbon.
  • Added link to ‘DHA Pregnancy Test AIM form’
  • Added link to ‘DHA Dysuria Test AIM form’

Patient Education Tab 2

  • Patient Education- ribbons- Removing Patient Ed 2 tab(Sore Throat, Pregnancy test, UTI (Dysuria). )   Pt Education 1 will be changed to “Patient Education” and will move STI to this tab.

Jan-Apr Mid-Cycle Changes

  • Revision 1 – Split the Urinary Tract Infection / Dysuria box into two sections to allow more room for documenting.
  • Revision 2 – Changed Depo clue to read “DEPO Window= target 13 weeks (91 days) with range 11-15 weeks (77 days to 105 days)
  • Created June 2014
  • Standardize documentation
  • Intended use in adult PCMH clinics
The TSWF Nursing Services form was created in early 2014 and went live on the AHLTA Enterprise in June 2014. It was created to standardize the nursing services documentation of administered immunizations, medications, nursing procedures, and patient education & counseling performed at the point-of-service. The form’s intended use is acute, routine, or other scheduled patient visits in adult PCMH clinics.
Form Lead

TSWF-Nursing Services Form Lead
Lisa Kennedy

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