The TSWF Navigator AIM form is intended for all providers and their support staff. It serves as a central listing of all current TSWF AIM forms and resources, providing easy access for users.

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Training Material for All Users

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Navigator Recent Changes

  • 2 changes for SEP-DEC 2018 update
  • Added link out to the AMEDD Transition of Care form.
    • on the TSWF Navigator under the Misc./Other form section and to remove link once the Disease Management form is released.
  • History

    • Comprehensive listing of TSWF AIM forms & resources
    • Ensures use of most current templates
    • Encourages best practice procedures and workflow

    The TSWF Navigator Form was developed under Colonel Kevin Kaps to bring situational awareness to the suite of TSWF forms available for use in the primary care setting. This form also serves to ensure the most current templates are used, and provides easily accessible links for general and medical resources. Finally, the Navigator offers instructions on how the provider and support staff can use the form structure to fully realize best practice procedures and workflow.

    Form Lead

    TSWF-Navigator Form Lead
    Samuel P. Eng, M.D.,M.S.,FAAFP

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