The TSWF Low Back Pain-CPG AIM form is intended for use when seeing patients with low back pain in the primary care setting. The form’s embedded tools and links assist in HEDIS and DoD CPG compliance, and excellence in clinical medicine.

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LBP Recent Changes
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  • No specific changes this update
  • Integrates VA/DoD CPGs
  • Provides accessible references
  • Assists in appropriate treatment and referrals
The TSWF-LBP-CPG AIM form has been designed to help PCMs standardize and optimize the approach to care of low back pain for MHS patients. The form integrates recommendations from VA/DoD CPGs, provides easily-accessible references for clinical decision making, and improves continuity of care and healthcare outcomes. Generally, low back pain is the fifth most common reason for outpatient visits in the USA, and it impacts mission readiness of the military. Using the TSWF-LBP CPG AIM form can help support evaluation, management, and documentation of patients with this common and far-reaching condition.
Form Lead
TSWF-LBP Form Lead
Donald W. Rumbaugh, M.D., DABFP

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