The Long-term Opioid Therapy form is designed to help primary care providers manage their LOT patients. Among other things, it provides referral recommendations, an itemized pain treatment history, and the capability to monitor current prescription distribution.

Attention all MHS providers authorized to prescribe controlled substances:

There is mandatory opioid safety training as directed by the 2016 presidential memorandum. If you have not already completed the training, you can find both the memorandum and Prescriber Safety Training here.

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LOT Recent Changes

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  • No specific changes this update
  • Developed by pain management specialists
  • Helps PCMs manage LOT patients
  • Contains essential references and links
The number of LOT patients in the MHS has increased exponentially in light of the recent conflicts that our soldiers, sailors, and airmen have been involved in throughout the world. The LOT form was created as an effort to help primary care providers manage the ever-increasing number of patients in the MHS who need LOT to manage their medical conditions.

It is well known that LOT patients are not managed in any standardized fashion by primary care providers throughout the MHS. It is also known that primary care providers make up the largest percentage of individuals who prescribe narcotic pain medicines. These facts were recognized by the PCMH board, who made the development of this form their highest priority in 2012-2013. A team of pain management specialists from each service met in December of 2012 and developed the original COT form based on the VA/DoD CPG. The form was then beta tested and piloted at sites around the world for a year, prior to being made available to the entire MHS. Building on that foundation the LOT form has been updated to reflect the most current 2017 VA/DoD CPG.

Form Lead
TSWF LOT Form Lead
Mark Kline PA-C MSHS

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