The TSWF Geriatrics AIM form is intended for Primary Care providers when dealing with aging patients. It focuses on incontinence, falls, dementia, frailty, osteoarthritis (hip/knee), and hearing loss. As this is a fairly new form, feedback is welcome from Internal Medicine providers and Family Medicine providers who deal with the elderly.

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Geriatrics Recent Changes

  • 9 changes for Sep-Dec 2017 update
  • Sep-Dec r2 (updated October 2017): Verbiage change for HPV recommendations as listed:
  • Sep-Dec r2 (updated October 2017): Minor word changes to the PHQ-9 to perfectly mirror the Pfizer Inc. version
  • Added the term FIT-DNA to the Preventive Services Recommendation for colorectal cancer screening
  • Added a link next to the diabetes CCP for a diabetic foot exam. (The tool is hosted on the website)
  • Changed order of screenings on BH/Other tab. PCL-5 now follows GAD-2
  • Added 2 contraceptive counseling links above the “Presently Using Birth Control” section
    Details: CDC Reproductive Health:
    Mobile app & eBook: eBook Reader App Recommendations for Contraceptive Use and downloaded ebook:
  • Changed “annual” to “biennial” before “Retinal Eye exam done”
  • PE Tab: Moved “Accommodation” to the right of the solid line with other exam items not routinely performed
  • Moved ”Spleen” and “Abdominal Hernia” to the right of the solid line with other exam items not routinely performed


  • Initial release 3Q2015
  • Aimed toward internal medicine providers
  • Includes additional guidelines for geriatric-specific issues

The form’s initial release was 3Q2015. It was developed primarily for Internal Medicine providers dealing with a more elderly population. It is compatible with the TSWF suite of AIM forms, and includes additional guidelines for review and documentation of incontinence, falls, dementia, frailty, OA of hip and knee, and hearing loss.

Form Lead

TSWF-Geriatrics Form Lead
Randy Eccles, MD, FACP

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