The TSWF CORE form is intended to be used for adult patients in all primary care areas (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Flight Medicine, etc).

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CORE Recent Changes
  • 4 changes for Jan-Apr 2020 update

Well Female tab

  • Added ‘Samples taken: HPV, GC/Chlamydia’

Screening Tab

  • Change Active Zika Countries link to


  • Updated title of ‘Chronic Condition Self-Care Management’ to ‘Chronic Condition Self-Care Management and Goals’.
  • Removed “Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool Link”
  • “Added section to “”Chronic Condition Self-Care Management and Goals””

    Patient-oriented Self-management Plan/Goals:

  • 1st AIM form developed
  • One-stop shop
  • Integrates with other forms
The CORE AIM form was the first AIM form developed by the Tri-Service Workflow team, along with its associated workflow. Born out of the frustration of trying to document in AHLTA, the proliferation of different documentation templates, and the multitude of policies and guidelines for clinical documentation, the CORE was created to be a “one-stop shop” where both providers and the clinical support staff could complete the vast majority of their documentation. The CORE form consolidates and standardizes documentation requirements from many disparate sources (inspection agencies, DoD policies, generally accepted clinical guidelines, etc.), and serves as the basis for many of our other forms, like the various Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) AIM forms. The CORE works seamlessly with these other forms, allowing staff to use the form that works best for a particular visit without disrupting the form workflow.
Form Lead

Dr. James Neville, MD, MPH, FACPMLisa Kennedy

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